Payment Processing

Eprisa allows your organization to choose any Payment Processor for direct debit and credit card transactions.

Now your transactions can be processed in real-time, ensuring donor funds are transferred to the charity immediately. Like nearly all features in Eprisa, the Pledge module can be tuned to the unique needs of each client’s sustainer program.  

*Included in your Eprisa Package

What this means for your fundraising success: You are not boxed in to limited merchant services providers, which means you can work with a vendor offering you the lowest processing fees.

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Stop imagining a better CRM, try something built to take your fundraising into the future.

Four versions of Pledge are supported out of the box:

Recurring, Open-ended

By the far the most commonly-used option.  A Sustainer authorizes the nonprofit to charge her credit card or debit her checking account for a specified amount on a recurring basis (usually monthly, but other frequencies are supported), until she decides to end or modify her commitment.

Installment Pledge

Usually, for large gifts, the pledger indicates her intention to donate a specified amount, but that he/she will make regular “payments” towards that goal.  Gifts are processed as usual until the “target” amount is reached, then the Pledge is closed by the system.

Recurring, with Fixed End-Date

Similar to above, except the donor indicates a termination date for his commitment.  Payments are processed as usual until the termination date has passed, and then the Pledge is closed by the system.

One-Time Promise to Pay

An example would be a telethon or PBS Membership drive.  A viewer phones in and says, “I would like to join at the $250 level and receive the ‘Ken Burns DVD set’ as my ‘Thank You’ premium, but I don’t want to give my credit card over the phone.  Please send me a reminder.”  Her intention is captured as a pledge, and a reminder is generated and mailed.  When the gift comes, the donor is sent her “Thank You” and DVD’s and the Pledge is closed.

Third-Party Payment Processor Integrations

For clients who prefer to work with a 3rd party “Sustainer Management” firm, we have integrated with PayPal® and can integrate with Payments Solutions, a leading provider in this market.