Saturn Analytics

Combining the Eprisa CRM + Saturn Analytics gives you the ability to feed data from multi-channel fundraising campaigns directly into the AI/Machine Learning software in real-time.

No other company has this powerful combination of robust technologies integrated into a real-time feedback loop, what we have dubbed DRM (Decision Relationship Management).

DRM offers a completely integrated Decision Support Technology including AI/Machine Learning Modeling & Analytics to turn cold statistics into actionable steps designed to grow your fundraising.

Saturn Analytics is pioneering the utilization of machine learning/deep learning for America’s non-profit fundraisers. 100% of the predictive/prescriptive analytics work our company has performed for its clients has been performed utilizing machine learning. Machine learning analytics is the singular focus of Saturn Analytics and we do not offer services using regression models and another old economy, inferior methods to our clients.

What this means for your fundraising success: Feed Saturn Analytics results and it gives you the best steps for your advertising plan according to past actions from your constituents, then takes results from multiple channels and tweaks the plan to optimize your fundraising potential.

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Stop imagining a better CRM, try something built to take your fundraising into the future.

Why is Saturn Analytics different from other machine learning methods?


Real-time Feedback Loop

Other industry providers can provide machine learning analytics, however, these do not utilize real-time data and take additional time to process. Results can cause a lag of several weeks to even months in your campaign planning process! Our real-time feedback loop eliminates the wait time and provides more accurate suggestions.


100% Machine Learning

Our analytics are 100% machine learning – while many of our competitors are far less experienced and still offer inferior regression modeling to their clients.


Nimble and Innovative Platform Purpose Built for ML

We offer a proprietary platform designed for the rigorous demands of ML. You will find Saturn Analytics to be a nimble and innovative technology free of corporate constraints and conflicts. We deliver greater results to all of our clients and you will find no better partner focused on your success than Saturn Analytics.


We Have Focused on the Details

We are data agnostic and we incorporate far more granular details on the elements that go into each fundraising campaign-even the color of the outer envelope is evaluated.

Finally, stop imagining a better CRM and switch to Eprisa DRM!

Your relationship management system should not hinder your fundraising, but feed it and make it more successful. You can do it! with the power of the Eprisa + Saturn Analytics the industries only DRM.