About Saturn Corp

Imagine revolutionizing the industry to create a real-time feedback loop from AI/Machine Learning analytics to an Enterprise-class fundraising database technology platform and placing all of this power inside of a protected Tier III Datacenter.

Stop imagining, it’s available today.

Saturn’s vision is to have the most leading-edge software technology platform in the entire market. The company has invested in research and development over the past 20 years to improve the Eprisa technology platform into a world-class Enterprise software solution.

Over the last 8 years, the company has morphed from a traditional database provider to a multi-channel fundraising platform by rolling out its Digital API’s, Data Warehouse, High Touch Fundraising, Mobile Platform, Telemarketing ACD API, and other modules. The company has now partnered with leading analytics software organizations to enable our clients to maximize fundraising ROI. Saturn is committed to be THE leading technology provider for CRM, Database, Data Warehouses, and Analytics in the non-profit sector.

Saturn specializes in online database management for fundraising organizations.

As an Application Service Provider, we know that service is the key to our success. Our corporate mission is to provide our clients with superior information processing capabilities at a lower overall cost. Accurate and timely information delivery means greater productivity for our client’s fundraising programs with a higher rate of efficiency.

As a result, we have adopted a “concierge approach” to ensure that our clients are properly supported. The fundamental strength of Saturn Corporation is comprised of a keen knowledge of data processing, coupled with an experienced staff of professionals who have extensive fundraising experience and are committed to providing excellent service. We continually look for and apply innovative methods to enhance the information services offered.

Our Philosophy

Our business philosophy is to utilize state-of-the-art equipment and the most knowledgeable personnel. The Saturn Corporation has undergone many major application conversions in the last 35 years, each time moving to the forefront of technology in storage capacity and processing speed. New hardware and operating software is evaluated constantly to ensure the best possible level of productivity for our clients. Saturn constantly solicits input from our clients to adjust our product roadmaps. Even though the Company has an internal product roadmap, our clients really drive our deliverables.