About Saturn Corp

Saturn Corporation is a leading provider of data technology solutions to medium and large fundraising and membership organizations around the world.  Founded in 1981, Saturn’s technology is powered by the fastest database technology in the market (as recognized by Gartner, the world’s leading technology research and advisory firm).  Saturn provides its clients with the ability to maximize revenue and net income.  While other technology companies talk about what is coming on their product roadmap, Saturn’s solutions are available today.

Saturn has put into production the next generation of CRM: an embedded real-time AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning) feedback loop integrated with the fastest database in the world, Eprisa DRM.


By matching your donors against our Billion name consumer database, Saturn’s Eprisa DRM solution enables an organization to build a better picture of who their donors are:



Spending/Investing Habits


Response to Channels

Social Media Activity


Using this additional data, our machine-learning algorithms can decide how best to engage with your donors:


Frequency of Ask

Ask Amounts



Depending on your budget and channel preferences, our AI/ML models will score your donors and develop segmentation plans for specific goals:

Lapsed reactivation


Donor to sustainer conversion

Major gift prospecting

Membership renewal


Saturn can maximize both revenue and net income by ingesting all interactions between your organization and your donors, regardless of channel.  Often, this data is maintained in separate silos, that don’t talk to each other and use different identifiers for the same person.  Saturn’s experts will convert, clean-up, standardize and de-dupe data from these disparate sources.  Once the Eprisa DRM is set up, Saturn can begin matching a client’s data, running the models, and prescribe the most accurate multi-channel approach to communicating with your donors and acquisition candidates.