Saturn Corporation Announces Real-Time Feedback Loop between Machine Learning Modeling/Analytics and the Eprisa CRM technology platform.

 LARGO, MD – April 22, 2019

Saturn Corporation is an Enterprise Software Technology Provider of DRM solutions. The company provides complex solutions to clients around the globe.  Saturn solicits contracts in the Non-Profit, Foundation, Public Media, Higher Education, and Call Center markets.

The Eprisa DRM technology combines the power of Artificial Intelligence-based algorithms with a robust donor database CRM and Data Warehouse Platform.  The Eprisa DRM gives clients the ability to feed data from multi-channel fundraising campaigns directly into the AI/Machine Learning software in real-time.  No other company has this powerful combination of robust technologies integrated in a real-time feedback loop.  Clients will be able to maximize their fundraising ROI using the DRM approach.

The AI/Machine Learning algorithms will create a “Super Universe” of names based on a client’s donor set.  Clients can input their fundraising budget and channel preference and then the Eprisa platform will create the individual campaign selects.  Once the campaigns are executed and as the results flow into the Eprisa database, the data will feed back into the AI/Machine Learning in real-time.

All of Saturn’s competitors may have a CRM and some of them may have access to some type of limited modeling capability, but no competitor has their CRM with a mirrored real-time Data Warehouse that is integrated with AI/Machine Learning.  The Eprisa DRM gives a non-profit a significant force multiplier advantage to generate more revenue.

If you are looking to reduce expenses, automate manual processes, and give your donors more flexibility, please contact:

John Yost
Saturn Corporation