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Campaign Planning

10 September

We have upgraded the Eprisa campaign planning tool to improve the ability of non-profits to build successful fund-raising campaigns. The ability to include package IDs in campaign segments has been improved to allow planners to include this level of coding in their campaigns.

Package IDs can be assigned for each segment included in a campaign. The assigned package IDs will be included in the exported campaign selection file.

Google Maps

29 January

All constituent records now allow the user to link directly to Google Maps. Just click on the address header. The address drives the map choice: primary, seasonal and business addresses will reflect the appropriate map selection.

Automated Receipts & Acknowledgments

25 November

A new client recently requested the ability to send a receipt following every donation.  While we know this is an unusual request, Saturn complied.  Eprísa now has the ability to automatically send a receipt an individual or recurring (sustainer) donation.  The receipt may take the form of an eMail sent directly to the donor, or a staff member may receive the data and send the constituent hardcopy.

The receipt may be sent from the eMail address of choice and can be tailored with a personalized text, images, links and signatures.

Alternately, given organizational business rules, receipting may be done
on a monthly, semi-annual or yearly basis and reflect all donations for the

Debit/Credit Card Pledges

04 October

The “Monthly” Pledge (also called Sustainer) program has been enhanced so the initial payment of a recurring giving promise can be made immediately and the individualized program set up automatically using PayPal, Visa, MasterCard or American Express. Remember, the program is tailored to the donors’ wishes: monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or bi-annually.


08 August

Constituent records are available to telemarketing agents so donations, membership renewals, pledge promises (single as well as repeating), and personal data updates can be effected directly to the database. A unique source code as well as the agents’ credentials and time-stamp are captured and appended to each transaction. The constituent record is integrated to the call-center software and is made available to the agent immediately upon a successful voice contact.

Debit/Credit Card Donations

01 August

Eprisa now offers the ability to interactively charge PayPal, Visa, MasterCard and American Express for donations, membership renewals and single pledges. The interface works in processing payments on-line via the client website. In the case of telemarketing, integrated access to the database via call-center software allows the agent to resolve individual donations in real-time and post the transaction to the donor record interactively.

Donor Profiles / Dossiers

15 April

Eprísa now enables the user to design a constituent profile or dossier with data tailored to a specific goal, such as Major Donor stewardship or Planned Giving. This layout can be saved for future use and shared with other users; further, it may be printed or accessed in the field via tablet (rich text format or plain text).

Birthday Emails

07 December

This new software enables you to send birthday emails to your constituents and/or email a spreadsheet to an appropriate member of staff with constituent details that have birthdays in the next ?? days.

Any birthday emails sent will be recorded on Eprisa and made available to you via the Media tab on the Constituent Maintenance screen.

User Groups and Privacy

05 November

Organizations may now set up Eprísa user groups. The individual user may belong to none, one or many user groups. Users may be limited to viewing or amending Tasks and Contacts associated with the group, guaranteeing privacy of sensitive data. This has important applications to Major Donor stewardship, Planned Giving and Grants Tracking.