• Eprisa Gold

    Welcome to the world of Business Intelligence.  We have now developed an integrated “Real-Time” BI tool that enables users to make operational decisions based on actionable insights.  With “Eprisa Gold” users can rapidly build interactive dashboards that are graphical displays of key performance indicators, making it easy for users to access vital information.

  • Eprisa CRM

    Eprísa is a complete customizable CRM solution. Accessible over a secured internet connection, Eprísa is positioned to be the core engine for clients to see 360 degree view of their data: Fundraising, Membership, Social Networking, Mobile, Events Planning, Finance, Inventory Management, Major Donors, Telemarketing, etc. Read Our Whitepaper (PDF)    

  • Payment Processing

    Saturn’s expertise in response handling makes sorting, batching and banking fast and safe.  All donations received on your behalf are deposited by Saturn via secure transport.  Responses are processed by experienced, trained operators under well established procedures.  This ensures a fully auditable trail is followed and allows for accurate tracking and monitoring.  Established in the […]

  • Fulfillment

    Saying thank you to a donor ends one transaction but builds a bridge to future support and deeper engagement.  Do it well, and you are on your way to future fundraising success.  We have worked with Not For Profits over a 30 year period and the importance of saying thank you is still as high […]

  • Data Entry

    Irrespective of your sector or cause, accurate data capture is imperative. Keying in data is a core function but can be labour intensive.  Incorrect data can cause loss of valuable time and effort, not to mention the loss of support from a potential or existing donor.  Our data entry facilities can handle over a million […]

  • Support Services

    Nurturing Your Campaign Needs At Every Step You may be all too familiar with possible problems that occur when getting a new campaign off the ground or growing an existing one. Our successful back office support and fundraising services provide the solutions you require to run a successful and effective campaign. At Saturn, we specialize […]

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  • Campaign Planning

    10 September
    We have upgraded the Eprisa campaign planning tool to improve the ability of non-profits to build ...
  • Google Maps

    29 January
    All constituent records now allow the user to link directly to Google Maps. Just click on ...