Public Facing Portal

Cloud Based Public Facing Portal

Online Data Integration – Eprisa Connect Real-time Integration with Your Website

Eprisa Connect is an Online Public Facing Portal which enables real-time connectivity between your website and the Eprisa CRM. Your donors can instantly access their donation history, print tax receipts, change their address, make a gift, etc all from your website.  With Eprisa Connect, you save on  your expenses AND eliminate any “separate silo” data synchronization issues. Donor transactions or other data received by a client’s website can be integrated into Eprisa by schedule file transfer imports or in real-time via a Web Services API.

Phase I – Available July 2017:

  1. Create a new Account
  2. Login using Constituent Id and Password
  3. Handle “I’ve forgotten my Password” – Send “reset password link” to email address on file or SMS to known phone number
  4. Change my Password
  5. Update my postal address, email address, phone number
  6. Modify Attributes that have been made “public”
  7. Make a one-time donation
  8.  Create new pledge (recurring gift)
  9. Modify/cancel existing Pledge
  10. Generate year-end tax receipt
  11. Review list of recent donations
  12. Requests for Information (Annual Report, Wills & Bequests, Corporate Matching Gift form, etc.)
  13. Create a Tribute, make a Tribute Gift
  14. Create or Renew a Membership

Phase II – Available 2018:

  1. Register as Volunteer
  2. Sign up for volunteer opportunity
  3. Register for an event
  4. Peer-to-peer fundraising management
  5. Adaptive UI for mobile devices
  6. Make gift via “mobile” device

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