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Birthday Emails

07 December

This new software enables you to send birthday emails to your constituents and/or email a spreadsheet to an appropriate member of staff with constituent details that have birthdays in the next ?? days.

Any birthday emails sent will be recorded on Eprisa and made available to you via the Media tab on the Constituent Maintenance screen.

User Groups and Privacy

05 November

Organizations may now set up Eprísa user groups. The individual user may belong to none, one or many user groups. Users may be limited to viewing or amending Tasks and Contacts associated with the group, guaranteeing privacy of sensitive data. This has important applications to Major Donor stewardship, Planned Giving and Grants Tracking.

Enhanced Campaign Selection Tool

21 September

Our Campaign Selection tool has been given a major overhaul. You can now perform incredibly advanced selections on your constituent database with amazingly fast results, enabling you to select exactly the kind of donor that you require for your campaign.

Tiered Attributes

03 May

An enhancement has been made to Eprisa to automate the use of tiered attributes. When using for example A, A1, A2, A3, instead of manually selecting each one Eprisa will now make that decision based on previously selected attributes when attribute A is selected. This is also enabled when assigning attributes on a batch level. There is also the automatic functionality to Activate / De-Activate the constituent within Eprisa when a user defined attribute has been applied. Thanks in advance.

Generalised Constituent Search & Export

02 May

This new software enhances the Constituent Search screen so that additional search criteria can be used in place of and/or with the previous search fields. The additional searchable fields are:- Consecutive Giving. This enables the selection of constituents whom have made consecutive donations over the last n number of months or years. Recency Number of Donations and Recency Value of Donations. This enables the selection of Constituents with total number of donations or total value of donations over a specified Recency From Date and/or Recency To Date. Recency From Date and Recency To Date. This is used to determine the dates required for the above Recency fields. Please note that either one or both of these dates can be defined for selection purposes. Attributes e.g. (((‘A’ or ‘B’) and ‘C’) and NOT ‘D’). This enables the selection of Constituents with a particular set of user defined attributes. Birth Date From and Birth Date To. This enables the selection of Constituents with a Birth Date between these dates. Please note that either one or both of these dates can be defined for selection purposes. In order to enable users to save these more complex searches a “Save Search” button has been introduced to the Constituent Search screen so that you can save the search criteria and save this criteria for other staff members too. These saved searches can be re-used at any time by selecting one from the new Saved Search select list in the top left hand corner of the Constituent Search screen. The ability to Export these constituents and a variety of the relevant constituent data fields i.e. Constituent Name, Highest Amount, Attributes, Email Address etc to a file that can be used by Microsoft Excel has also been added to the Constituent Search screen. These Exports can be saved so that the export fields can be re-used again at a later date. As with the Saved Searches above, these Saved Exports can be saved for other staff members too.

Upgrade to Users Tasks

06 March

The Users Tasks screen has been modified so that any data that relates directly to a constituent can be clicked and you will be taken directly to the appropriate tab on the Constituent Maintenance screen. A “Return to Tasks” button will then be available on the Constituent Maintenance screen so that the user can return to the relevant task within the Users Tasks screen. The constituents email address can also be clicked which will in turn create a new email document on your PC and the email address will be automatically populated.

Eprisa Inventory Management

16 January

Saturn will now automatically monitor and update your stock levels. As and when levels reach a user defined re-order and or minimum level an email will be sent to selected staff reminding them to re-order the relevant inventory.

Email Acknowledgments

18 October

Eprisa can now automatically and immediately send email acknowledgements to your constituents and email notifications to members of your own organisation regarding high donations or donations made by high value constituents. The acknowledgement emails are available to view on the Constituent Screen so that you have all information to hand.