Eprisa Reports & Business Intelligence

Eprisa offers the most advanced Reporting capability in the industry.

All reports are run in real-time; no longer does your organization have to settle for stale information.  Eprisa gives you the flexibility of choice and speed when designing and running Reports:

Saturn has the most comprehensive and flexible solution with regards to Reports, Business Intelligence, and Data Warehouse.

The 3-tiered reporting structure is as follows:

  1.  Canned Reports – Eprisa has a library of over 300 reports from which to choose.  New reports can be created by Saturn and posted to the library.
  2. Ad Hoc Query/Business Intelligence – Eprisa allows the customer to create custom ad hoc queries, pivot tables, dashboards, etc.  This enables the user to build reports on the fly.  If you’d rather have your Saturn team build the queries and reports, that is included in your pricing.
  3. SQL Access  – For the very technically savvy, Eprisa allows read-only access from any ODBC compliant query writing tool (MS Access, Crystal Reports, etc.).

Eprisa includes a BI (Business Intelligence) application in its Saturn’s flat-rate pricing.  The BI application embeds real-time analytics into Eprisa.  Data in the Saturn BI model is available via the integrated portal, in addition to ODBC client applications, like Excel, Crystal Reports, etc. 

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