Eprisa CRM Cloud

Cloud Based CRM

All of Saturn’s clients run on a hosted solution. Saturn’s Cloud Based Eprisa© CRM (Constituent Relationship Management) system operates on the SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model.  All application software and client data is hosted at a world-class Tier III Data Center in Northern Virginia.  Users access the application via a web browser over a secured internet connection.  Saturn’s technical staff handles development, maintenance and support of the application software, along with the backup and recovery, resource management and performance tuning tasks necessary to ensure optimum application responsiveness and availability.

The Eprisa© application runs on a state of the art, high performance, object-oriented DBMS (Database Management System), Intersystems’ Caché.  The Caché product provides for unmatched performance on massively-scaled databases.  One implementation supports 35,000 concurrent users.  Additional information on InterSystems and Caché may be found here: http://www.intersystems.com/.

The Caché platform fully supports the .NET environment as one of many development options; including Java, C, C++, C#, Basic, Python, etc.  We have chosen to implement the Eprisa© application primarily in InterSystems’ own ObjectScript language.

In others, we have exploited Caché’s built-in ability to project any class method as a Web Service, can communicate that way.

Typical Eprisa Representation for a Customer

Eprisa acts as the central point of contact for all of your touch points.  Some of the functions are natively built inside of Eprisa and other functions are integrated with best of breed 3rd party software.  The diagram below gives some detail on a typical customer database:

Eprisa© Key Features/Functionality

  • No software or hardware purchase required
  • Access to the Internet is all you need
  • Centralized Database with Real-time access to all data in the system
  • Ability to create point-and-click customized ad hoc reports on the fly with real-time data
  • Campaign Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Real-time NCOA database access
  • Major Gifts Module
  • Mobile Application
  • Online Module with Donor Facing Portal

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