Eprisa Cloud Based Telemarketing

Saturn Corporation has integrated Eprisa with a VOIP Cloud Based Telemarketing solution.

Agents have real-time access incorporated to the Eprisa system. Fast automated dialing, automatic call list selection, as well as instant access to donor addresses, donation history, phone numbers etc.

Here is a Call Center Integration Case Study

Customer profile:

A U.S. based non-profit has a large Call Center for outbound Telemarketing fundraising.

Original Situation:

The organization had 75 Call Center Agents working in 3 shifts using a web-based VOIP dialer, Five9.com.  The call lead lists were manually loaded daily into the Five9 dialer based on a custom set of business rules designed by the organization.  Each night when calling ceased, a file was ftp transferred to a mainframe database to update the dispositions for the day.  A pledge fulfillment file was sent to a 3rd party fulfillment house for mailing of the direct mail pledge letter.

The organization was not pleased with the reporting capabilities of the mainframe database solution.  There was also mismatched donor data between the Five9 dialer and the mainframe database.

Proposed Solution:

The organization originally asked Saturn to replace the mainframe database with the Eprisa database.  The organization would continue to use the Five9 dialer but now load the lists would be automatically generated from Eprisa.  There would be a nightly ftp file automatically updating the Five9 dispositions into Eprisa.

Current Solution:

With a month to go before the conversion date, the organization came back to Saturn and asked if an API could be built to provide a real-time link between the Five9 VOIP dialer and the Eprisa database.

Now in production, the Call Center is fully integrated with Eprisa.  The lead lists are automatically loaded into the Five9 dialer based on the organization’s business logic.  When the dialer queue’s up a call, there is a Web Services link generated into Eprisa and the Call Center Agent has real-time access to the donor including household names, donation history, and address information.  Any information can be updated by the Agent into the Eprisa database.  The Agent can also process a pledge or credit card in real-time and an email acknowledgement is sent to the donor immediately.

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