Eprisa Business Intelligence

The Eprisa CRM is mirrored in real-time with Eprisa Gold, the next level in Business Intelligence and Big Data.

Traditionally, analytics is used with structured data, “slicing and dicing” numbers. But the traditional approach also involves creating and maintaining a data warehouse which can only provide a historical view of data. Eprisa Gold
is embeddable software that makes it easy to enhance transactional applications To provide real-time analytics, giving users insights exactly when and where they need they them. No data warehouse is required.

With Eprisa Gold, application developers from Saturn Corporation or your organization can rapidly build interactive dashboards that are graphical displays of key performance indicators. Since these dashboards are embedded within transactional applications, Eprisa Gold makes it
easy for users to access vital real-time information. Saturn will teach your developers and business intelligence users how to embed real-time business intelligence capabilities in their applications. Saturn trains you on building data models from transactional data using the Eprisa Gold architect, exploring those models and building pivot tables and charts using the Eprisa Gold analyzer, as well as creating dashboards for presenting pivot tables, meters, and other interactive widgets.

The training also covers securing Eprisa Gold models, tools, and elements (dashboards, pivot tables, etc.) using the Caché security infrastructure. Finally, the training covers topics such as customizing the Eprisa Gold user portal, querying a Eprisa Gold model programmatically as well as from the Eprisa Gold shell, and importing and exporting Eprisa Gold dashboards and pivot tables.

An alternative Use-Case: Not happy with your current database provider’s ability to get data out of their system? Use Eprisa Gold as a bolt-on:

Are you a Health System with Multiple Hospital Databases?  Or a Multi-National Fundraiser with several autonomous Country databases?

Keep your existing database and then import the multiple databases into Eprisa Gold on a nightly basis through an automated ftp import/export process.  All databases will be partitioned for individual analysis and rolled up for aggregate analysis.

Saturn Corporation offers a huge value-add proposition: When your organization is tired of your existing database and is ready to convert all databases to Eprisa for production donor database purposes, all of the worldwide data will be up to date and no migration will be necessary to fully convert to the full Eprisa technology.

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