Eprisa Acknowledgment/Thank You

Saturn has developed some very efficient automated processes around the Acknowledgement and Thank You processes.

We can perform these functions in whatever turnaround time your customer’s demand.

Case Study: Automated Acknowledgement Program

Customer profile:
A leading historical non-profit has a complex, multi-wave acknowledgment program, requiring 100-500 mail merge processes each run.

The Challenge:
The client uses Saturn to print, stuff and mail their acknowledgment letters and premiums.

Some gifts will trigger an acknowledgment series; for example new members receive the following packages:
Welcome letter with tick-on Membership Card and “Thank You” gifts
3 days later, a welcome note from the Membership Director
14 days later, a Charter Member Certificate
14 days later, a copy of a Member Survey

In addition, a “Stewardship” program provides special treatment for donors making their 3rd, 6th, 8th and 10th gift each year.

In the 12 months prior to August 2014, we fulfilled over 267,000 packages.

A typically run can include over 10,000 acknowledgments, split across several hundred zipstrings.

The Solution:
Saturn employs several strategies to manage this customer’s acknowledgement program.

1. Eprisa’s Acknowledgement export module uses a “business rules engine” to determine the treatment each transaction is to receive.  Whenever a new Appeal is mailed, we simply insert a few new rules into the rules table.

The business rules engine considers segment responded to, amount of gift, premium(s) requested, new vs. repeat donor, attributes, whether the gift triggered a new or renewing Membership and other factors to determine which acknowledgment package applies.  A single file is exported, with each record assigned the appropriate package code.

If there is a subsequent “wave” in the series due for this donor, a “next action” record is   inserted into the “pending” table. This will be “popped off” and inserted back into the fulfillment stream one the specified number of days has elapsed.

2.      A script, launched via a desktop icon on the Fulfillment PC, performs these tasks:
·         Retrieve the exported file from Eprisa
·         Split the file into one zipstring per package
·         Generate an Acknowledgement Recap Report (sample attached).  This serves as the workflow management doc.
·         Generate a “Manifest” file, a simple text file listing all of the merges to be performed
·         Launch Microsoft Word with an AUTOSTART macro, which reads the manifest and performs all of the merges, saving the merged output.

3.      Reduce the number of letter versions by “slugging in” various messages to mention:
·         The premiums included
·         The calculated tax-deductible portion of the gift
·         Membership level and benefits (for joins and renewals)

These strategies reduce the effort of selecting, downloading and merging up to several hundred individual files to a couple of mouse clicks.

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